It’s 2017, not 1998.

It’s 2017 and if you own a small business that doesn’t utilize social media, you’re losing customers to your competitors. Period.

Whether you’re a local business targeting male millennials, or an eCommerce store targeting 55-year-old females, your target market is actively using a social network.

Who Am I?

My name is Joe Burnett & I’ve ran multiple successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns for various businesses driving brand awareness, website traffic, & sales.

Like any sort of marketing strategy, it’s important to set measurable goals & identify your exact customer persona. When dealing specifically with Social Media Marketing your strategy can be either:

  1. Create Brand Awareness & Build a Relationship with Customers
  2. Drive Targeted Website Traffic
  3. Get More Leads or Sales

#1 Creating Brand Awareness

Works Best For:

  • Local Small Businesses who thrive on Repeat Customers (Restaurants & Bars)


  • Compare Advanced Social Media Statistics to Other Marketing Activities (Facebook Impressions vs. Direct Mail Cards)

When most people think of brand awareness campaigns, they think expensive Coca Cola commercial during the super bowl. Luckily, for small businesses, social media has changed the game when it comes to brand awareness and its capabilities.

Brand Awareness isn’t a “Waste of Money”

For local small businesses, a brand awareness social media campaign is the ideal long-term marketing strategy, and I’m about to tell you why. Social Media is still a new form of marketing and if it’s done right, it will be less annoying and even more profitable than traditional marketing channels.

Unlike the 30 second super bowl commercial seen by millions of people, your social media campaign has the potential to create lasting relationships with your customers.

When the crux of a restaurant is REPEAT customers, a lasting relationship with your target market should sound like music to your ears. On Facebook, it’s a “Like” on Instagram & Twitter, it’s a “Follow,” and on Snapchat they “Add You.” These keys are yours to connect with your customers not just once, but potentially forever at a much more affordable price.

Be Interesting & Bring Value.

A Brand Awareness campaign involves the distribution of valuable content, information or entertainment on a regular basis. Whether this means every day or every week it’s important to stick to a schedule and to constantly provide value to your target market.

Content is king in an effective Brand Awareness campaign and the type of valuable content will vary depending on which social network(s) you choose to implement. Generally, customers like behind the scenes pictures, coupon deals/giveaways, & entertaining videos/pictures. Here are some common examples on various social networks:

  1. Facebook – a well-made video that talks about your mission and demonstrates the benefits of your product. Ex: Your Pie Pizza
  2. Instagram – Beautiful Pictures of your product Ex: Howlin’ Ray’s Chicken
  3. Snapchat – Authentic Behind the scenes type videos. Show employees, kitchen, you, how the business runs. + A Custom Geo Filter for Your Location

That is just the tip of the iceberg for common content ideas that businesses will use in their successful social media marketing campaigns. It starts with setting the goal of improving your Brand Awareness & building a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

#2 Driving Targeted Website Traffic

This goal is in between creating brand awareness and driving sales. Driving targeted website traffic without a specific focus on generating leads or sales is simply a more aggressive form for brand awareness.

Works Best for:

  • Companies that are willing to set up an interesting blog with engaging content (including videos), sell products over $100 or sell ads.


  • Set how many visitors you want to drive to your site.

Just like the other goals, social media marketing is going to be highly effective because you can target your exact customer persona on a mass scale. Since you aren’t trying to sell anything you won’t be perceived in a bad light and your probability of getting shares and going viral is high.

This strategy simply involves using the high-quality content you consistently create or have already created.

#3 Getting More Sales or Leads

Works Best For:

  • Service Companies: Consulting, Window Cleaning, Dentist, Lawn Service, etc.
  • Aggressive Ecommerce Websites.
  • Companies looking for a Risky, but Potentially Very High & Immediate ROI


  • Aim for a High ROI & Try to Improve it over time.

If you’re looking to be aggressive and generate a high ROI immediately this may be the route for your company.

Instead of trying to establish a brand and build a relationship with potential customers, you have the option to go straight after sales.

For this strategy to be successful, you’ll need a website landing page that is optimized for maximizing conversions. Instead of trying to create content often for your social media accounts, you’ll simply be paying for ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Reddit. These ads will direct the user to your landing page where they can buy your product or service.

This type of strategy is the easiest to track because you can easily compare your ad spending to the number of sales & leads. With that, you can easily track your ROI to see how profitable your campaign is.

Plan Out Your Social Media Campaign

Before starting a social media marketing campaign it’s important plan out which strategy you intend to implement and commit to it. Like any worthwhile investment, results may not come instantly, but over time you’ll begin to see real rewarding payoff.

If you have any questions regarding a social media marketing campaign for your business or you are looking for someone to run a successful social media marketing campaign for your business reach out to me.

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