Snapchat Marketing in 2017

In Q1 of 2017, for the first time ever, there became more Netflix subscribers than cable TV subscribers.

Whether you like it or not, the internet and the world around us is changing more rapidly than ever before. Businesses that stay relaxed and are adamant about adopting their marketing strategies are going to lose.

10 years ago Instagram & Snapchat didn’t even exist. Today, 41% of those aged 18-34 in the United States are using Snapchat for an average of 20-30 minutes every single day.

If your company hasn’t figured out a way to capitalize on that valuable attention of millions of people, then you need to rethink your marketing strategy.

Two Options

When it comes to marketing a local business on Snapchat you have two very different options.

I think both are viable options that, in the long run, can bring in a massive ROI for your business.

#1 Your Own Snapchat Feed

This is the traditional, more laborious, typical snapchat marketing strategy that will pay off big time. If your sole focus is to generate more repeat customers then create a snapchat feed for your business. Your own feed involves directly setting up a business snapchat account that is specifically used for posting updates to “your story” daily.

Whether you own a restaurant, bar, or even a golf course, you will typically have some great pictures and videos to share with your audience. Here is content of what I would recommend you post.

  • Show off your product
    • Restaurants show food
    • Golf courses show beautiful views
    • Bars show drinks
  • Show off the experience
    • Restaurants show a crowded dining area of people eating (short video panning around)
    • Golf courses show off a player hitting a putt or drive
    • Bars show people out having fun.
  • Show behind the scenes
    • Restaurants show the kitchen hard at work.
    • Golf courses show cart boys setting up carts.
    • Bars show bartenders getting ready for friday night.

Those are my favorite three categories to reference when producing content for Snapchat. It’s good to continuously mix these up.

The key to being successful on Snapchat or any other social media platform is providing VALUE. This means yous shouldn’t always be saying “Come in this Friday to have fun at Joe’s Bar.” Instead, show people actually having fun. People hate ads. They don’t like to be sold anything, and the moment you start to come across as salesy, users will remove you as a friend on Snapchat for good.

How to get people to add you on Snapchat

This is the most difficult part of Snapchat marketing. It’s very difficult to find your initial audience.

The best way to tackle this obstacle is by offering a 5-10% discount at checkout for those that add your business on Snapchat. This is how you will lock in a good amount of viewers fast. It may seem expensive, but when you understand that these people are going to be seeing how AMAZING your business is on a daily basis, you will start seeing them a lot more.

#2 Your Own Local Geofilter

This is a new feature Snapchat has pushed out that I think has fantastic potential for local businesses trying to grow their reach with millennials.

A geofilter is an overlay of an image that you create. It basically lets users put your business name on their snapchat pictures to share with all of their friends.

It currently costs about $450 per year for 20,000 square feet. You will additionally have to find a designer to create your custom geofilter that people will like, use and share with their friends. Or just have Samuel 17 (us) set it all up for you 🙂

The Potential ROI

If only 5 people a day (it could be a lot more) take a snapchat and see the geofilter and add it to their story, then that’s about 500 impressions every day. Multiply that by 365 days = 182,000 impressions. That’s $2.47 per 1,000 impressions. That’s far better than almost any other traditional advertising platform available.

What’s even better is that nearly all 182,000 impressions are going to be local people. And not only that, they are coming across your business as a recommendation from one of their close friends. It’s not an annoying advertisement.

It’s 2017, Get on Snapchat.

It’s inexpensive (for now) and the rewards are huge. Capitalize on this now.

If you’re looking to do this but don’t have the time or still aren’t sure how to get started. Contact us and we’ll be happy to work with your business.

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