Social Media Marketing can bring your business customers at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional marketing channels.

Whether your business chooses to market on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, you’ll be able to reach out and connect with your exact target audience.

#1 Detailed Targeting

Unlike all other forms of traditional advertising Facebook & Instagram ads can be highly targeted to your exact customer persona.

For example, one of my clients is manufacturing & selling golf cart seat covers. It’s a very specific product that a very specific person would buy. Using Facebook ads, we were able to market specifically to this customer group:

  • Lives in US
  • Female
  • Aged 50-70
  • Plays Golf at least once a Month
  • Married
  • Home Value > $300,000
  • Home Owner
  • Retired
  • Have Made Online Purchases


#2 Cost

Imagine reaching a specific group like this for only $0.005 per person. That is the beauty of the targeting ability of Facebook Ads.

In contrast, reaching people through direct mail costs on average $0.057. That’s over 10x cheaper AND the people you’re reaching are more likely to engage with your product. Source.

With a creative well-optimized ad & using the advanced targeting tools, the ROI of a Facebook Ads marketing campaign can be huge for your business if you know how it works.

A sales motivated Facebook Ads campaign can be extremely effective; however, the most value social media can provide is building the relationships with repeat customers.

#3 Building Relationships

A like on Facebook or follow on Twitter and Instagram can go a long way when looking to develop a relationship with your customers and earning their repeat business. If you can consistently provide them valuable, informative and entertaining content then they are yours forever.

But this is where most businesses go wrong. Small Business who claim “Social Media Marketing doesn’t work” are the ones who spend less than 3 months trying to develop their brand, or just go straight to selling their product.

Smart business owners know this is not how SOCIAL networks work. Social networks involve less selling and more talking and engagement. People aren’t going to look at your posts if you only post your product and how to buy it. Users don’t go to Facebook to look at ads, they go to be entertained and if your business wants to utilize Facebook & other platforms then you’re going to have to provide VALUE.

When your page or profile provides VALUE, users in turn will return ENGAGEMENT and over TIME, this will lead to more SALES.

Once this idea clicks in your head, and you understand that companies that succeed on social media are talking through the terms and tone of the network, you can begin to see the massive benefits of being active on social media.

But that’s not where the benefits of social media end.

These relationships you’re creating on social media are going to lead to increased trust, brand credibility, & it will enhance your brand image. All work to establish a growing relationship with the type of people looking to use your product or service.

#4 Word of Mouth

I’m writing this in the summer of 2017 in Canton, Georgia  which is about 45 minutes north of Atlanta. This summer, Facebook has given The Anderson’s Sun Flowers in Cumming Georgia a huge spike in sales. It is simply a large field filled with sun flowers where they charge $10 for parking and sell photography and sunflowers.

Their Facebook page has been the key to their viral success. I went back and found what may have caused this great success this summer. Here is how their most popular posts have fared in the past. All were gorgeous pictures of their sun flower fields.

2014: 80 shares

2015: 80 shares

2016: 90 shares

2017: 500+ shares

It’s incredible to see how Anderson’s Sun Flowers has actually increased their organic reach over time considering organic reach on Facebook is slowly declining (this means you have to pay to get more people to see your posts).

The word of mouth doesn’t end at the 5x more shares. People that have seen that post will then go to the field, take pictures and post it on their Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram & Twitter feeds. This leads to even more people organically seeing Anderson’s from one of their friends. A truly viral effect.

But, this just shows the advantages of coming up with clever/valuable posts that really contribute to the social network you are on. If you post value (things that people actually WANT to see) then Facebook will reward you with views, lots of them.

#5 A/B Testing

Another advantage of social media marketing is A/B testing ads. With other advertising mediums like TV, Radio, Billboards, or direct mail, it’s very expensive if not impossible to A/B test different ads and find out which converts best.

On Facebook, you can test 100s of different ads and see which one converts best in only a few days. Whether it’s a variation in text, using photos or videos, or changing your “Call to action” button, you can easily and quickly figure out what’s working and what’s not.

#6 Detailed Analytics

Social media can give you some of the most detailed analytics you could dream of when running a marketing campaign. This gives your business that chance to constantly optimize your campaigns over time driving only better and better results.

These analytics can include:

  • The exact number of people who saw your post.
  • The exact number of people who clicked on your post.
  • The exact demographics of those people that clicked on your post. (age, location, interests, etc.)
  • The exact number of people who watched 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 50%, 75%, 95%, & 100% of your video. (figure out where people stop watching your video)
  • So much more.


#7 Retargeting

If you know some of the advanced marketing techniques of social media marketing, you can get into something called retargeting. This is where you can install a pixel code on your website and you can specifically show ads to people who have visited specific pages on your website. This is one of the fastest ways to immediately increase sales for an established eCommerce website.

The possibilities of this are almost endless, but you can increase your online conversions drastically using this method.

You Need Social Media

If you learn anything after reading this, it should be that your business needs social media. If you aren’t on it & using it effectively someone else probably is. Start now before it’s too late.

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